Symantec and Veritas: What the split means for you

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Is it the era of tech de-mergers? Maybe – here’s another one that will likely affect you.

On Oct. 5, Symantec and Veritas will split into separately operated companies: Symantec will remain a leader in security, and Veritas will focus on information management (IM). Here’s how it breaks down by product family:

road split

“Symantec’s security and IM businesses each face unique market opportunities and challenges. It has become clear that winning in both security and information management requires distinct strategies, focused investments and go-to market innovation,” said Michael A. Brown, Symantec president and chief executive officer.


A split of this magnitude creates a complex set of challenges, and SHI is committed to seamlessly guiding our customers through the transition. Here are a few changes you should know, and how to best plan for the future.

What’s changing for me?

Symantec customers can expect business as usual: Buying programs and pricing, contracts, order fulfilment, SKUs, licensing portal, and technical support will remain the same.

The real changes come on the Veritas side of the equation. Veritas customers will see new pricing and buying programs (Corporate, Loyalty, Government, Academic, E-Flex, and VPA); a new website,, for product information; and a new license portal,, where they can generate license keys and download products. Entitlements will migrate to the new site on Oct. 5.

Customers with contracts for both Symantec and Veritas products will remain managed and honored by Symantec. However, contracts with Veritas-only products will be duplicated via a consent letter and will utilize new SKUs and pricing. Lastly, Veritas will release new technical support numbers on Oct. 3.

How you can prepare

The operational split occurs on Oct. 5, and the two companies will legally separate in January 2016. To best prepare for this de-merger, customers should take action now.

Because Veritas will not accept any order with Symantec SKUs and pricing after Oct. 3, customers will need to place any orders by Oct. 2. SHI will re-quote orders that are sent in after that date. Customers should set up Veritas as a manufacturer in their systems, and sign the Veritas consent agreement for any Veritas-only contracts in place.

Still have questions? Visit the transition microsite that is complete with up-to-date information for customers of both Symantec and Veritas.

SHI’s reps, sales support, and operations teams are working hard behind the scenes to ensure a smooth experience for our customers. Reach out to your SHI account exec for more information.

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