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This past weekend, I married someone who also works for a global IT company, and I became the happiest man in the world. Please allow me to clarify.

My newly found (and undoubtedly continued) domestic bliss has little to do with my wife’s current occupation. But I’m not going to lie — it is a most excellent perk. That’s because it allows us to hold those “how was your day” conversations almost entirely in the language of the industry.

“How’d it go today?”

“Great! We saw a good response to that Time-Boxed Burst story, and there was some decent buzz around the new releases of CS 6 and SQL in yesterday’s newsletter.”


Fortunately, that’s only a semi-fictional way of demonstrating how hard it is to recreate our world for those who do not work in — or directly support — IT organizations.

But if you are someone who only drops phrases like “VMs,” “SAM,” or “CALs covered by SA under EAs” at a cocktail party to get OUT of a conversation, the SHI Blog is for you! Starting today, in this space, SHI’s group of software volume licensing executives, hardware and advanced solution specialists, cloud technicians, and IT asset managers will be speaking your language as they blog about what you need to know regarding the biggest names in IT.

For example: Find out what questions SHI is receiving from customers about the Windows 8 release in Caitlin Edwards’ inaugural post. Or, if you’re debating SAN vs. NAS to meet your storage needs, check out Tim Henning’s post on the subject. To learn more about how the SHI Cloud was designed in direct response to our customer’s needs, let Mike Melillo tell you about it here.

Check back here regularly for the latest from SHI or sign up for an RSS feed so you are notified the minute a new blog is posted. Thanks for reading … and for joining us in the language of IT.

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