The race to take advantage of hybrid cloud, and other major takeaways from VMworld 2018

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Customers have been using hybrid cloud for a while now. Slowly but surely, however, customers are starting to realize there are more practical ways to utilize it – and they are more eager than ever to take advantage of all it has to offer. VMware is happy to oblige.

VMware recognizes that cloud, hybrid cloud, and application modernization are the biggest drivers for IT investors across the board. Therefore, it approached VMworld 2018 as an opportunity to help customers accelerate more widespread adoption of hybrid cloud in their businesses, rather than using it on a project-to-project basis.

A lot of exciting things happened at VMworld 2018. Here’s a look at the biggest takeaways from the event.

VMware and AWS are committed to their partnership long term

Last year, at VMworld 2017, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a strategic partnership through the creation of a new hybrid cloud service called VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS.

Based on the following announcements from VMworld 2018, it’s clear the two companies are invested in the relationship.

  1. Amazon RDS on vSphere – Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is one of the top services used by AWS customers today. RDS gives database administers a simple way to manage, provision, and scale several different types of databases like Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and others. Previously, it has only been available for AWS cloud environments. This announcement means that on-premises vSphere environments will now be able to leverage RDS.
  2. VMC on AWS three-node minimum and 3-for-2 promotion To address cost-of-entry issues, a three-node VMC on AWS cluster was announced. Prior to this announcement, the minimum node (host) count for a VMC on AWS cluster was four (primarily because of the recommended minimum cluster size of vSAN). The three-node minimum is great news for smaller customers or organizations wanting to start small and address specific use cases like application migration. Additionally, a new promotion was announced, giving customers three nodes for the price of two. When combined with the new three-node minimum, this reduces the entry price for VMC on AWS by 50 percent. The promo is valid from September 10 to November 2, 2018 and is applicable for on-demand and one-year subscriptions.

VMware announces its intent to acquire CloudHealth

VMware announced it’s signed an agreement to acquire CloudHealth. CloudHealth helps organizations manage cost, utilization, security, and performance of apps running across multiple cloud providers. It’s also the default platform for managed services providers to deliver solutions to the public cloud. There’s not much more that can be shared at this point, but the acquisition is expected to close in Q3 of FY19.

vSphere Platinum is introduced

VMware announced a new edition of vSphere called vSphere Platinum, which combines vSphere Enterprise Plus – VMware’s flagship product for virtualizing compute in the data center – and AppDefense on a single SKU.

vSphere Platinum provides a robust set of features designed to help IT environments automate and orchestrate virtual workloads. AppDefense is VMware’s endpoint security solution; it helps secure applications based on their “known good” state.

This new solution from VMware addresses several needs inside the data center related to application security. AppDefense can also integrate with other third-party security solutions, as well as VMware NSX, to automate remediation of threats and attacks targeting applications. This is more than just a bundle, as it includes a management tool for AppDefense built into the vSphere client.

Final thoughts

Customers are talking about the cloud more seriously than ever before. At this point, it’s not a matter of “if” companies will migrate to the cloud, it’s a matter of “when.”

At VMworld 2018, VMware reaffirmed its commitment to helping customers speed up the adoption of the cloud for their business. And as a leader in all things AWS and VMware, SHI is more than ready to help you handle any and all of your cloud-based needs.

For a deeper look at VMware’s latest offerings, intimate workshops, and keynote presentations from VMware executives, we welcome you to join us at one of our upcoming Customer Summits. Please contact your SHI Account Executive for more information or to schedule a personalized review.

Jon Palmer and Alison Fleischer contributed to this post.

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