VMworld 2017 showcases the future of digital transformation

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For the last few years, VMware has stayed true to its vision of creating a platform that enables customers to deploy any application, to any device, leveraging any cloud with security integrated at every level.

The theme continued at this year’s VMworld—with tech leaders from HP, IBM, Google, AWS, Microsoft, and Dell all playing a hand in the larger VMware ecosystem with announcements of their own. Here are some of the top takeaways from this year’s conference.

A security transformation

Pat Gelsinger’s and Sanjay Poonen’s keynote speech focused heavily on security and network virtualization. With traditional business models being disrupted by software companies and online services (think about Netflix and the entertainment industry, or Uber and taxi services), people want their services now. That means companies must be open to change and find new ways of providing value to their customers. This is the driving force behind digital transformation, and to accomplish it, infrastructure and networks must become not only more flexible, but more stable and secure as well.

There needs to be a new approach to security, beginning with three core action items:

  1. Secure infrastructure, including apps and devices
  2. Deeply architect security into the ecosystem, encouraging standardization
  3. Promote cyber hygiene by getting back to basics, such as least privilege, microsegmentation, encryption, multifactor authentication, and patching

VMware addressed all of these with the announcement of AppDefense. The new technology directly integrates security into the VM kernel, securing the base itself rather than patching from the outside and simply keeping out what’s made the most recent blacklist.

VMware on AWS is live

Many businesses use VMware on-premises, but have since expanded to the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). This practice is becoming more common, but historically has required additional brokers and different tools to make it work. VMware on AWS is a more user-friendly and practical way to extend an organization’s on-prem private cloud to AWS to experience the best of both offerings in true hybridity.

Organizations interested in taking advantage of this new hybrid cloud environment should prepare by making sure they have the proper technology in place. This includes upgrading to vSphere 6.5 and vSAN. As a partner of both VMware and AWS, SHI can help ensure your environment is ready to take advantage of this new offering.

Pivotal Container Service launches

In another announcement, VMware publicized its partnership with Pivotal and Google to create Pivotal Container Service (PKS). The containerization project will allow customers leveraging Google Kubernetes as a development platform to build applications that integrate with VMware’s management and security tools.

Customers will be able to ship code faster and with lower costs via a developer-ready infrastructure, with no outages ever, and deliver business results at high velocity by automating processes and leveraging cloud native resiliency. This partnership is yet another way to bring VMware’s vision of the most flexible platform one step closer to life.

New cloud services from VMware

 The final set of announcements from VMware consists of a slew of new applications meant to create a true hybrid environment. The five new services should all help companies streamline their cloud operations.

  1. VMware Cost Insight: A cost-monitoring and optimization service for public and private clouds that helps IT analyze cloud spend for private, hybrid, and public cloud. This allows companies to find savings opportunities and communicate the cost of services to the business.
  2. VMware Discovery: The accessibility and familiarity of public cloud platforms like AWS makes it easy for anyone—not just IT—to purchase cloud services. Discovery allows companies to take an automated inventory to find and tame these shadow IT operations, and improve overall cloud visibility.
  3. VMware Network Insight: A network and security analysis service that enables organizations to extend their specific security policies into the public cloud and software-defined data center.
  4. VMware NSX Cloud: This service provides consistent networking and security for applications running in multiple private and public clouds, helping with standardization.
  5. Wavefront by VMware: A metrics monitoring and analytics platform that handles the high-scale requirements of cloud-native applications.

Becoming business technology

During one of the event’s highlights, Michael Dell said, “IT is becoming BT—business technology. If we do not think about our customers’ ultimate business goals, and how they must transform to leverage digital transformation, we will become less relevant.” VMworld’s major announcements helped to uphold this point: VMware is eager to support businesses’ development, security, and cloud goals in the name of improving digital transformation and the industry as a whole.

If you missed the conference, the VMworld keynotes are available on demand. Reach out to your SHI Account Team to schedule a deeper dive into these announcements, and outline a plan for accelerating your own digital transformation.

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