Why Forbes’ feature on SHI’s CEO couldn’t have happened without you

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This will not be Thai Lee’s favorite SHI Blog post. When we next pass in the hallway, she might ask me a slight variation on a question commonly posed by our CEO: “How did [this blog post] help our customers do their job well today?”

I have the rest of this post to come up with a good answer.

Normally this space is reserved for sharing information pertaining to the technologies and programs SHI’s 17,000+ customers use to smartly acquire, deploy, and support the technology that powers their organizations. Our next post will once again strive to accomplish exactly that. But for now, this space will simply be used to say, “Thank you!”

SHI Headquarters

Two weeks ago Thai Lee and SHI were featured in a Forbes magazine article titled “The Modest Tycoon.” This story was easily the largest exposure to a non-IT-based audience in SHI’s 26-year history. Although it served as a flashpoint of pride for SHI’s 3,000 current (and even many former) employees, we had no idea how much the story would resonate outside our offices.

The feature has been viewed nearly 146,000 times on Forbes.com and countless more in the print version that hit newsstands this week. More than 23,000 people have helped spread the word across the globe in multiple languages. In the past 14 days, we “SHI-ers” have been humbled by an unprecedented outpouring of congratulations and support from longtime customers and partners as well.

Which is why we need to say thanks.

Because SHI is a privately owned company that has never invested in large ad campaigns, our single greatest source of success is the word-of-mouth references given by our customers and technology partners.

Since we believe this shared story of success is one that you helped write, we hope it serves as a small and entertaining “thank you” to everyone who decided to take a chance on a partnership with SHI. We believe the piece accurately highlights the company you have helped to create and grow every time you went to bat on our behalf and answered the question “Who is SHI and why should we go with them?”

As the novelty from this fantastic exposure fades, please know that we’ll never forget the customers, partners, and employees who work to bring value to our relationship every single day.

You might not hear this often enough, but we thank you for your contribution to our mutual success!

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  • Chuck Rieman

    Thank You, SHI. Your company has made this World a better place!

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