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VR in the workplace, part 2: How virtual reality is driving collaboration

From employee training to collaboration to data analytics, more businesses are recognizing the power of VR.

Will hybrid working mean a more equal workplace?

Can technology and hybrid working make the workplace more accessible to people with disabilities?

3 ways to address end-user device challenges

Learn how SHI helps customers overcome end-user device challenges with Device-as-a-Service.

SHI Mobile: Overview

Discover SHI Mobile, designed to provide unrivaled multi-carrier LTE data connectivity, from wherever you are.

SHI Mobile: Datasheet

SHI Mobile is SHI’s unlimited, multi-carrier LTE data plan that keeps your workforce connected, even when they’re not together.

The SHI Guide to Zero Touch

SHI’s Zero Touch is the modern endpoint management solution for the remote-everything era.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Beyond the virtual happy hour" S:2, E:1

Listen to Season 2, Episode 1 now to explore how to maintain culture in a remote working world.

Create a UCC strategy for the Hybrid Workforce

SHI’s eBook to creating a UCC strategy that’s built for the hybrid workforce.

Hybrid Workforce Series: Blueprint for Delivering Apps

Get advice on creating a modernized desktop experience that improves access, while ensuring mobility, agility, and security.

10 can’t-miss Microsoft webinars hosted by SHI in Spring 2021

Register for information, best practices, and discussion on maximizing your Microsoft investment.

Hybrid Workforce Series: Unify your Hybrid Workforce

SHI experts help you develop a Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy for 2021 and beyond.
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