New Adobe licensing program brings discounts, flexibility to large government agencies

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We have good news for large government agencies.

If you’re a large government agency that has previously purchased Adobe perpetual licenses under the Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) or the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP), there’s a new subscription licensing program you need to know about.

Called LGA, it’s a sub-program of Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP) designed for large government agencies that was announced on June 25, 2018.

Existing Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) customers who are up for re-negotiation are also eligible.

What distinguishes this pilot program from other programs and what makes it such an appealing subscription service for government customers? Let us explain.

Deeper discounts for state and local governments

The LGA program was created for high-volume enterprise license sales and requires a minimum purchase of 100 licenses. This is less than the requirement for the ETLA program but still more than the minimum requirement for the regular VIP for team program.

Since customers are purchasing larger quantities as part of the LGA program, Adobe is offering deeper discounts. State and local governments that can make the minimum initial purchase of 100 licenses will especially see the benefits of this program.

Flexibility with shorter contract terms

Not all government organizations qualify for the ETLA program. And those that do might want more flexibility to adjust license counts that isn’t available in an ETLA. This is where the LGA program comes in.

Unlike the ETLA program, which requires you to sign a three-year contract with Adobe, the LGA program gives you the option to purchase a one-year term, providing flexibility to adjust license counts as needed on a yearly basis. This is helpful for government customers looking to migrate from perpetual to subscription licensing as well.

What comes with the Adobe LGA program?

The LGA program offers customers enterprise-level licensing. This includes Creative Cloud, Acrobat, Captivate, and Single Apps (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.). It also provides access to the VIP for Enterprise Admin Console for easy license management, including single sign-on integration, active directory sync tool, multiple identity types, the ability to assign licenses via groups, multiple admin roles, enterprise support, unlimited expert training services, and enterprise-level security.

Who is LGA best for?

If you purchase perpetual TLP/CLP licenses, have a TLP/CLP upgrade plan coming up for renewal, or are an existing ETLA customer at re-negotiation or ETLA anniversary, the LGA program might be the right subscription for you.

The new LGA program is also a great fit for organizations that have unsupported older versions of Acrobat and are looking to upgrade.

Contact your SHI sales representative today to learn more about the benefits of the LGA program and whether it’s right for your organization.

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