Citrix is changing its customer support offerings. Here are the facts.

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How do you make customers happy? Great products. How do you keep them happy? Great customer service.

Citrix, a titan in virtualization, SaaS, and mobility, is revising and expanding its customer support offerings in 2017, which will be known as Citrix Customer Success Services. Three new tiers of customer support options will be released next year, and the first program launches on Jan. 1.

Here are the details of the first support change and what these new customer service programs mean for you.


The new name of support: Select

Starting Jan. 1, 2017, new customers won’t be able to purchase Citrix’s traditional support mechanism, Subscription Advantage (SA), for XenApp and XenDesktop. Instead, customers purchasing either product for the first time must also purchase Select support, the rebranded Software Maintenance.

Select maintains the 24/7 phone support that has been a mainstay feature in Software Maintenance for years, and will continue providing patches and future upgrades to existing services. In addition to these standard customer support features, Select gives organizations live chat support, installation and configuration assistance, system monitoring, cloud services to accelerate version migrations, and access to advanced training. There are other features baked into Select, too, so reach out to your Account Executive to learn more.

Two other customer service options, Priority and Priority Plus, will include greater personalized support when they launch later in 2017. Citrix will share more details when Priority and Priority Plus are released.

What are the options for existing customers?

While new customers must purchase Select after New Year’s Day, organizations with existing SA contracts do have options as their contracts’ expiration dates approach.

Existing SA customers that want to keep their current support level for as long as possible will be able to renew existing support and purchase new licenses with SA through June 30, 2017. Support through SA will remain fixed until the contract expires.

Organizations looking to purchase additional licenses in 2017 should consider upgrading to Select early, as Citrix will require all licenses to carry Select maintenance after July 1. Customers with Software Maintenance support can upgrade to Select support at no additional cost, and future Select renewal costs will be in line with prior renewal charges.

New streamlined support

For many organizations on SA, Citrix’s new Select customer service package expands support for XenApp and XenDesktop. Select offers valuable training courses, guided help, 24/7 telephone support, and long-term service options in addition to regular updates and patches. The improved support model will be available soon, so organizations must prepare for any anticipated license renewals that might affect their service programs.

When Priority and Priority Plus are available, we’ll fill in the blanks for those customer support programs and what they mean for your organization.

While SA customers have options for the time being, switching to Select sooner rather than later enables them to start taking advantage of the additional features more quickly.

Questions? You can visit Citrix Customer Success Services to learn more about the new program, or contact your SHI Account Executive for assistance in navigating these changes.

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