How Autodesk’s licensing change will affect you

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The subscription licensing model is here to stay, it appears. Microsoft and Adobe are two of the biggest recent examples of IT leaders moving toward subscription licensing, and now Autodesk has joined the fold. In order to simplify its offering and in recognition of the fact that most of its customers are on subscription, Autodesk has adjusted its software upgrade policy for certain licensed customers.

Starting Feb. 1, 2015, Autodesk will no longer offer its upgrade program for customers that own a perpetual license to a previous version of its software. Future editions of the company’s product suite will be available through the purchase of a new perpetual license for the current version, or as a Maintenance Subscription or Desktop Subscription benefit. All Autodesk products sold with perpetual licensing are covered by this policy change except for Creative Finishing products.


Who will the new policy affect?

Enterprise customers that have purchased Autodesk software under E-Flex or Multi-Flex will continue to receive new versions of products per their Subscription benefits. However, this policy change will affect enterprise and named account customers who purchased outside of those programs.

The licensing change will also affect all government and education customers that purchase perpetual software licenses without attaching an Autodesk Subscription.

What Autodesk’s new policy means for you

Customers that previously purchased a perpetual license can continue using their version of Autodesk software indefinitely. After Feb. 1, however, Autodesk will no longer offer the option to purchase upgrades from previous versions when it releases new software updates.

Organizations purchasing new versions of Autodesk’s software suite must do so through a new perpetual license, or as a Subscription benefit. Users with a valid Maintenance Subscription will not be affected, and they’ll continue receiving access to the latest versions of software as long as they renew their subscription.

The bottom line is that this policy change will affect all customers — direct and non-direct — that purchase software without Autodesk Subscription. However, users will see no change in terms of technical support, as Autodesk will not alter its product support policy.

Contact your SHI Account Executive today to help determine how this change affects you, and to begin a conversation about your Autodesk licensing choices.

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