These Microsoft products are losing support in 2017

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Mark your calendars: Microsoft is changing the support offerings of some of your favorite products in 2017. The company breaks down these support changes into three categories:

  • Service Packs Retiring: These Service Packs are being discontinued. Customers will need to upgrade to the next available Service Pack to continue to receive support and security updates.
  • Transitioning from Mainstream to Extended Support: Extended Support is the second phase of the Microsoft product lifecycle. The biggest difference? Microsoft will no longer enhance products covered by Extended Support. However, users will continue to receive free security patches and bug fixes. This support phase lasts a minimum of five years.
  • End of Support: Microsoft will no longer send security updates, patches, or technical (free or paid) support for the product.

We’ve compiled the most notable support lifecycle updates in the graphic below, but be sure to review the complete list of the Microsoft products losing support in 2017 to determine if and how you will be affected.

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