New updates lead to new prices for Adobe Creative Cloud

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This post was updated on March 12, 2018.

Throughout the past five years, Creative Cloud has offered users the best applications that Adobe has to offer. With the benefit of subscription licensing, users always have access to the latest versions and features as soon as Adobe releases them. These updates continue to roll out, adding valuable features and updates to the Creative Cloud.

Late last year, Adobe announced it would adjust its pricing to accommodate the most recent offerings. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent updates to Creative Cloud and the pricing changes that will kick in May 1, 2018.

New properties, new price

Creative Cloud has had many updates over the years, including some rather big ones recently. In particular, the latest release of Creative Cloud includes the following updates:

  • Lightroom CC, a program where users can edit, organize, store, and share photos from any device
  • Adobe XD CC, a platform solution to create and design mobile apps and websites
  • Dimension CC, a program for users to easily create images in 3D
  • Character Animator CC, an animation tool that brings images to life in 2D

Because of these additions and others, Adobe is modifying Creative Cloud commercial and government pricing for North American customers. Here’s what the new price changes may look like:

  • Creative Cloud for Teams plans will increase by 14 percent. For example, the new price for Creative Cloud for Teams All Apps annual plan will be $79.99 per month, up from $69.99 per month.
  • Student/Education pricing will see no pricing adjustment

Pricing options for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe offers tiered volume discounts based on number of licenses, and even deeper discounts for those who commit to a three-year contract. This Adobe buying program, known as the Value Incentive Plan (VIP), is tiered as follows:

While discount levels increase with volume, VIP Select with 3-year commit adds the benefit of budgeting for extended years on a defined license quantity. Adobe sets a discount level and pricing commitment, and you qualify for discounting on all VIP purchases during the full term of the agreement (up to three years, or through two renewals).

When you accept VIP 3-year commit, you commit to maintain the quantity of licenses that you have at signing through the 3-year commit term. License quantity may be increased incrementally, but you’re only required to maintain the minimum committed quantity.

The discounts work as follows:

  • Company ABC qualifies for VIP Select by purchasing 150 licenses. The company accepts 3-year commit, agreeing to maintain a minimum of 150 licenses through the three-year term. If the company adds additional licenses throughout the term, the company is still only committed to renew 150 annually. The VIP agreement is set at VIP level 14 pricing for the 3-year term.
  • Company XYZ already has 50 licenses on the VIP agreement. The company enrolls in 3-year commit, committing to renew the 50 licenses in year two and year three. The VIP agreement is set at VIP Select level 13 pricing for the 3-year term.

If you’re interested in VIP 3-year commit, or have questions about the price increase surrounding Adobe Creative Cloud, contact your SHI account executive for more information.

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