SHI simplifies Microsoft True-up for Mid America Computer Corporation

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Properly licensing software in a virtual environment can be a challenge for many organizations, and I’ve heard the process described as everything from a “minefield” to “a ticking time bomb.”

However, an experienced IT Asset Management (ITAM) partner can help you navigate the virtual terrain. Take this customer case study, for example.


Billing and software solutions provider Mid America Computer Corporation (MACC) was approaching its annual True-up reconciliation for its Microsoft software. To make sure the company’s license inventory was in compliance with its contract prior to renewal, MACC needed an accurate, comprehensive look at exactly what software was being used on what devices.

Kourt Jensen, Network Supervisor at MACC, faced three challenges:

  1. He didn’t have the time to collect a complete inventory himself.
  2. He lacked the confidence in the software inventory tools MACC had in place to provide up-to-date licensing information necessary for an accurate True-up.
  3. And he needed help understanding the licensing requirements for a virtual server environment.


SHI suggested MACC participate in our Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) Baseline program, which offers proven processes and procedures to quickly and accurately assess software assets. The Baseline helps customers understand their software entitlements, discover if that software is installed and where, and identify opportunities for improvement. Through this program, SHI ensures that customers license only what is necessary to extract greater value from their investment.

[For more on what SHI discovered during the process, read the full case study.]


Jensen sums up the benefits best:

Simplify the True-up process.
“Basically, all I had to do was send SHI the collected information and relax. A lot of the stuff that I thought was going to be complicated and take a long time-like having to install an agent on all systems-turned out to be pretty easy.”

Enhance understanding of virtual environment licensing.
“Virtualization is still a relatively new concept to us, so it was nice to have assistance in understanding how licensing in the virtual environment works for the operating system, Microsoft SQL Server, and things like that.”

Build confidence in licensing accuracy.
“By working with SHI and Microsoft, I knew the license assessment was going to be done right. We had the same goal: they wanted us to be licensed correctly, and we wanted to be licensed correctly. The SAM Baseline program was simple, organized, and quick, and I feel very confident with the results.”

Save time.
“It was such an easy process, and it saved time and money because I didn’t have to figure out how many licenses we had and compare that manually to what the inventory tool was showing me. If I had done it myself, I am sure it would have taken at least a week of juggling numbers.”


Is your Microsoft True-up or other software contract renewal approaching? Make sure your current software advisor helps you understand your software license entitlements, identify what software is deployed and where, and recognize any under- or over-licensing, throughout the duration of your agreement.

Being prepared with the right facts establishes a strong foundation for an on-going SAM program from which further progress can be evaluated. If you’re questioning whether or not your current ITAM partner is right for you, feel free to email us at

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