How SHI is managing IT for health care … and other organizations

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Health care and pharma companies have enlisted SHI’s help in managing hardware refreshes, device rollouts, and security implementations, and reducing IT costs. But they’re not the only ones. Read on for a closer look at some of our recent projects.

Pharma giant saves $225K in iPad refresh

“Out with the old and in with the new” is often easier said than done, so this U.S. pharmaceutical company called in SHI to pre-configure and deploy nearly 3,900 iPads, and equip its end users with the most up-to-date technology. The company wanted a “plug and play” solution that would be ready for its reps to use the second they unboxed it. To deliver, our Apple-certified techs swapped out the iPads’ Apple SIM cards for Verizon SIM cards that would be activated when end users powered on their device. Additionally, end users were given the option to buy back their old devices via an online portal created by the SHI e-commerce team. The first phase of the project—a 2,675 device rollout—took less than three months, and the process was so successful that 89 percent of end users bought back their old devices.

Thousands of Dell Chromebooks support Illinois school district’s one-to-one initiative

Dell Chromebooks deliver the power and speed necessary for students to easily complete assignments at an attractive price point for school districts. Choosing them for its device refresh was a no-brainer for this Southern Illinois school district. For the first phase of a multi-year rollout, the school wanted to provide 1,500 devices to its students without disrupting daily classroom activities. Through its longstanding partnership with Dell, SHI offered competitive pricing on the laptops, desktops, and charging carts the district needed. The project is set to continue until all 9,900 students in the district are equipped with new devices.

Rehabilitation management company upgrades 600 locations with HP workstations

Rapid growth is always good news for business, but with it comes the need for new IT equipment. This national rehabilitation management company not only needed devices for its new offices, but also to upgrade the equipment in its preexisting 600+ locations. To manage the rollout, SHI brought on a designated project manager to monitor SLAs and overall performance, and enlisted the configuration experts at SHI’s integration center to asset tag, configure, and ship over 800 devices. SHI’s strong relationship with HP secured the customer a whopping 20 percent discount on the customer’s selected equipment.

Insurance company refreshes 4,000+ devices in hundreds of offices across the U.S.

What happens when one large insurance company merges with another? Publicly, perhaps a few changes to costs and logos, but behind the scenes things can get quite complex. For starters, the acquiring company needed to convert 4,000 employee laptops from one set of standards to another without disrupting business operations. SHI’s lifecycle services team, solution architects, and a project manager completely handled the migration, including the procurement and kitting of hardware, the re-imaging of existing technology, data migration, application installation, and asset tagging. The project took six months, and SHI is now augmenting the customer’s helpdesk staff.

Texas medical clinic replaces legacy disc technology with next-generation storage solution

When this Texas medical clinic couldn’t figure out why its billing app was plagued by performance issues, it called in SHI to investigate. SHI’s server and storage specialists did a data center and cloud platform analysis and discovered that the issue wasn’t with the app itself. Rather, the overall data center architecture wasn’t strong enough to support the business’s capacity requirements. SHI suggested a Pure Storage and Cisco storage solution, and after the clinic implemented it, the app ran smoothly. Not only that, but the new solution reduced the customer’s rack space requirements from 30 units to three, reducing upkeep costs!

Florida medical center secures sensitive patient data through Symantec DLP solution

When a former employee caused a data breach at a Florida medical center, the organization realized it needed a stronger security solution that protected patient data and was HIPAA compliant. SHI presented the customer with three options from security industry leaders, and after reviewing each one it selected Symantec DLP Endpoint Prevent. SHI’s senior solution architects led each step of the project, from initial planning all the way to implementation. The process went so well that SHI is currently working with the customer on a network refresh and other security initiatives.

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