User Observability: Drive Competitive Advantage by Improving User Experience:
Gain a greater understanding of your users' behavior with this Horizon Report from Stratascale, an SHI company.

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In an increasingly competitive landscape, IT leaders must do more for their businesses than providing platforms at the lowest cost. They need to deliver full observability, which allows organizations to create feedback loops that continually improve users’ digital experiences.

Customer experiences aren’t only a marketing problem, just as employee experiences aren’t solely an HR problem. IT bears responsibility for user experiences too. Strategic IT leaders need to understand business issues, including user experience challenges, and be able to propose technology solutions.

In this Horizon Report from Stratascale (an SHI Company), our analysts focus on user observability and where organizations need to monitor user interactions to understand their behavior when utilizing technology.

This is the second Horizon Report on Observability. We previously covered system observability, which focused on monitoring application and infrastructure performance to understand system behavior.

To learn more, read the full report.

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