Gila improves performance, scalability, cost structure, and disaster recovery with the SHI Cloud

Early concerns over the cloud’s security and privacy are proving no match for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and elasticity. And hybrid cloud infrastructure, which blends the cloud’s benefits with the security organizations desire, is taking hold.

In fact, a recent study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by 451 Research indicates that 68 percent of businesses plan to adopt hybrid cloud models over the next two years.

Customers concerned about the security of sensitive or proprietary data can take comfort in the hybrid cloud’s use of in-house servers while capitalizing on the scalability and cost savings of a public cloud infrastructure.

Now one of the early adopters of hybrid cloud and, in fact, SHI’s first hybrid cloud customer, Gila, is speaking out about its IT goals and challenges, the solutions it implemented, and the benefits it has achieved by deploying a hybrid cloud strategy. Continue Reading…

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SHI earns spot on 2012 InformationWeek 500

The accolades keep on coming! Earlier this month, SHI was named to the InformationWeek 500, a listing of the country’s top technology innovators. The honor comes partly in recognition of the SHI Cloud, which, as you know, we unveiled to customers a short year ago.

The SHI Cloud is just one of the many solutions we offer organizations. Added to our long history and service menu of IT asset management and e-commerce proficiencies, it allows us to support the technology needs of any organization and provide truly unparalleled customer service.

For more details on our appointment to the list, check out the press release we issued.

SHI named to InformationWeek 500

INFORMATIONWEEK 500: SHI adds another trophy to the mantle

Thanks to those of you already utilizing the SHI Cloud. If you’re not yet taking advantage of this solution and want more information, be sure to shoot us a note.

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The SHI Cloud: What’s next

I guess I’ve been in a contemplative mood lately, reflecting on the lessons learned during our first year of offering the SHI Cloud. In remembering one of the most fast-paced years in the history of IT, I am reminded of how deeply our industry’s roots are in a tradition of innovation and service to the businesses we support. The customers we represent at SHI are a constant reminder of how technological change impacts people in their day-to-day efforts to build successful companies. And that is why collaborating with our early cloud customers to build a service that fulfills the needs of production IT organizations has been such a pleasure for the SHI Labs and Cloud Services teams.

Although cloud has become somewhat of an overused marketing term these days, what the cloud is and what it represents is a complete transformation of our industry and one that has been a long time in the making. Computing has always been heading in this direction. Just ask the great-grandfather of the Internet, J.R. Lickider, about the Intergalactic Computer Network. Continue Reading…

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Lessons learned from a year in the SHI Cloud: The business model and transformative ease-of-use

If you’ve been watching this space over the past few weeks, you know that my past two blog posts have been part of a series of posts dedicated to reflecting on the first year of the SHI Cloud.

When we launched our cloud offering last summer, we knew that interactions with our customers would validate the true differentiators in our service and help us identify areas for improvement. So far, I’ve covered how our unique networking design has helped us build a successful cloud model for our customers, how we learned that customers prefer simplicity in their cloud service, and how keeping track of every single detail of the cloud for the past year has paid off.

Today, I’m nearing the end of the series with the last two lessons that the past year has taught us: the business model conversation and the importance of transformative ease-of-use. Continue Reading…

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