4 steps to optimize your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement: eBook

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If you’re a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) customer, you’re probably already painfully aware of how much work goes into a successful renewal at the end of your three-year agreement. And as we enter what is traditionally the busiest time of year for EA renewals, you’re likely in the thick of reviewing, finalizing, and getting ready to sign and execute.

If your Microsoft EA renewal isn’t due until 2022, you might think you can relax, with plenty of time to think about preparing. The bad news is that you probably already need to be planning your EA renewal now.

EAs are one of the largest, most complex IT decisions and spends. Yet, a surprisingly large amount of organizations fail to realize the full value of this major investment. So whether you’re scrambling to renew in the next few months or taking a longer-term proactive view, SHI’s ridiculously helpful Microsoft licensing experts have some sage advice to share.

Our latest eGuide, SHI’s 4-Step Plan to Optimize Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal, will help you create and execute an effective strategy for managing your Microsoft EA renewal.

Don’t settle for an average Microsoft Experience

If your Microsoft EA is close to renewal – and even if it’s not – get to know SHI’s unique approach to managing over 8,700 EAs, including more than 20% of the Fortune 500.

To experience what a proactive Microsoft EA renewals management process really looks like, speak to one of our experts today.