Buyer’s guide: How to choose the best multivendor support services provider:
Your multivendor IT environment should be the engine moving you forward, not the anchor weighing you down.

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With the rise of the digital workplace, organizations like yours have been juggling more vendor technologies and platforms than ever – straining IT teams as they try to manage, operate, and support an ever-growing number of systems.

When IT issues occur in multivendor environments, pinpointing which vendor to contact for support becomes a challenge of its own – leading to more delays, finger-pointing, and frustration. Delayed or improper issue resolution not only hampers productivity and efficiency, but also takes a toll on your overall user experience.

Multivendor support services (MVSS) consolidate your collection of support levels into one contract, enabling you to resolve issues across multiple vendor technologies via a single point of contact.

The goal? To let you focus less on your IT support and more on your business.

Read SHI’s buyer’s guide to more easily navigate the decision-making process for your multivendor support services engagement. With our help, you can make an informed decision about which service providers and agreements are best for your organization’s needs.

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