How SHI MVP helps you actually fulfill your multivendor support needs:
SHI combines our expertise and extensive partner network to deliver comprehensive, single-source multivendor support.

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Managing a multivendor IT environment is as complex as it is strenuous. As your technology stack expands with new tools and functionalities, so do the number and types of issues you need to solve – all with the risk of inefficient support.

The different support and maintenance needs of each tool or technology – coupled with varying contracts, service levels, and resources to manage – all reduce business productivity, increase costs, and frustrate users with more downtime.

Finding a complete solution to align, simplify, and improve your quality of support is a top priority.

With SHI multivendor platform support (MVP), you can spend less time coordinating multiple support contracts and more time handling critical business needs, enhancing user experiences, increasing cost efficiency, and reducing IT complexity.

Discover how SHI MVP helps you solve what’s next for supporting your complex IT environment.