How to avoid common migration mistakes and adopt new tech like an expert:
SHI’s “Solve what’s next” webinar series helps turn your transformation dreams into a reality.

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We’ve all been there – you research a tool, technology, or IT solution and realize it would be a perfect fit your organization. Then reality sets in. Achieving adoption across your entire organization is a logistical, time-consuming nightmare.

Or is it?

In the nineteenth edition of SHI’s “Solve what’s next” webinar series, recorded on November 09, 2023, you’ll learn:

  • The five most common migration mistakes organizations make.
  • What adoption and change management (ACM) is and how it applies to product migrations.
  • How your change strategy should impact your migration communication and training plan.

Watch the full webinar recording here: Make change stick! Easy end-user adoption strategies to ensure lasting transformation