IT sustainability is your best competitive advantage. Here’s why:
SHI's executive report reveals that sustainability isn’t just the ethical path; it’s the profitable one.

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Let’s get serious about sustainability.

We believe that going green is the right decision in all the ways that matter most to you, your employees, and your organization.

Of course, belief alone isn’t enough to reverse the damage wrought by climate change. But consider the joyful, persistent reverberations that ring out (sometimes quite literally) when we pair passions with actions, like a delirious hiker who gleefully announces her arrival to an echoing canyon after a sixteen-mile trek. That hiker undoubtedly encountered obstacles along the way. But passionate people are often inspired to take extraordinary actions — and this combination can be transformative.

“What we do now echoes in eternity.”
—Marcus Aurelius

SHI’s executive report will help your enthusiastic sustainability champions show the rest of your organization that IT sustainability is:

  • The ethical choice. Going green helps preserve the planet so future generations can safely enjoy the world’s wonders.
  • The profitable choice. Proving you care deeply about sustainability inspires customer loyalty and attracts rising talent.
  • The innovative choice. Eco-minded organizations implement decarbonization initiatives that often ooze creativity.

Our report also explains how to lead sustainable innovation from the inside out, highlights procurement strategies for the eco-friendly age, and details actions you can take right now to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s time to go green — for each other.

To learn more about SHI’s own commitment to sustainability, read our latest Sustainability and Action Report.


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