Prioritizing business objectives to align with your budget? Let SHI Capital help!
Fund innovation with flexible payment solutions and Deployment On-Demand

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With changing business models, hybrid workforces, and security challenges on the rise, your organization requires new technology now more than ever. Yet new strategies place an increased demand on your IT budget.

The good news is you can still fund your innovation and technology goals at a manageable cost. Backed by our skilled financing professionals, SHI Capital helps customers like you find the best, most flexible payment solutions that meet your needs.

Our tailored payment structures are built around the financing and leasing terms that work for you. We offer our own financing for your hardware, software, and services. But the possibilities – and your options – don’t stop there. Our financing experts also work closely with our OEM partners like Apple Financial Services, Cisco Capital, Dell Financial Services, HPE Financial Services, and Lenovo Financial Solutions, to name a few.

What do we offer?

Your business objectives are vast – and specific to you. SHI Capital is designed to support your varying financial needs from one project to the next. Our key solutions feature:

  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly payments
  • First payment deferral up to 90 days
  • Multi-year subscription discounts without a large upfront payment
  • Hardware leases or rentals from 12 to 60 months
  • Device as a Service financing from 12 to 60 months
  • Software, cloud, and services loans from 12 to 60 months

If you’re looking to finance software, cloud, and services, our Installment Payment Agreement (IPA) encompasses all software publishers, cloud providers, and ongoing services providers.

Perhaps leasing your hardware equipment fits better into your IT spend. Our lease types match not only your purchase needs but also your equipment plans beyond the lease. Our financing specialists can help you determine if a Fair Market Value (FMV) purchase option or a $1 Buyout purchase option works better with your hardware deployment and refresh goals.

An FMV, or a true lease or operating lease, best fits customers who intend to refresh the equipment. In this case, the expected useful life meets the economic life of the equipment.

End of Lease Options:

  • Return equipment to lessor and upgrade to new equipment
  • Purchase equipment at the end of term for the FMV
  • Renew lease at the end of term


  • Lowest monthly payment among lease types
  • Payment may be fully tax deductible
  • No hassle disposal process

With the $1 Buyout option, you can pursue a full payout lease or capital lease, intended for customers who plan to own the equipment beyond the term of the lease. The expected useful life of the equipment exceeds the lease term.

End of Lease Options:

  • Purchase the equipment for $1 at end of term


  • Spread payments to match budget
  • Depreciate the equipment over its useful life
  • Own the equipment at end of term

Intro to Deployment On-Demand

Our support goes beyond payment solutions – SHI handles procurement, financing, warehousing, and integration services, all in-house. SHI Capital takes flexibility a step further with a new solution, Deployment On-Demand.

Deployment On-Demand is a unique, multi-faceted offering, combining flexible payments matched to your hardware deployment schedule with free warehousing for up to six months. Get on-demand access during your deployment while saving money and aligning to your budget.

How it works

Let’s say your organization is looking to make a bulk purchase for a hardware rollout that may take up to six months for the full deployment. Many OEMs offer bulk purchase discounts, but all products must be delivered in a single transaction. This offering helps you roll out the equipment on your schedule, rather than the OEM’s timeline. Additionally, with today’s constrained supply chain, you can take advantage of available stock even if you’re not ready to deploy yet.

Handling a massive equipment rollout can be challenging without the right team in place. Deployment On-Demand combines the efficiency of SHI’s state-of-the-art integration centers and flexible payment options led by our team of seasoned financial professionals.

Our teams are skilled in managing complexity with ease, ensuring your rollout is a smooth, methodical process:

  1. Select your equipment with your SHI Account Executive.
  2. SHI can include configuration services (imaging, enrollment, asset tagging, and more).
  3. Receive free-of-charge warehousing to reserve your equipment.
  4. Take delivery of your first deployment.
  5. Pay 25% of your monthly payment for the first six months.
  6. SHI delivers your equipment based on your deployment schedule.

Whether you’re exploring your financial priorities or ready to fund a new IT initiative, SHI Capital has a solution to get you there. To get started, contact your SHI Account Executive or