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Enable your IT staff and users.

Support the people side of change.

Maximize ROI for what’s next.

What will future classrooms look like? Extended reality is key
Discover how XR is revolutionizing practical learning methodologies

October 5, 2022
What does the future of the classroom look like? Learn how extended reality is revolutionizing education.

How to fully realize the benefits of new technology via adoption
A helpful guide for getting the most out of your new tech

August 16, 2022
SHI discusses best practices to develop an Adoption and Change Management (ACM) strategy for changing technology.

Critical considerations for engaged employees company-wide
A helpful guide to extending company culture beyond the office

June 30, 2022
SHI helps you build the right digital environment to preserve and enhance your company culture.

Web3.0 is here. Will it break security best practices?
Prepare your business for the future of data encryption and life in the blockchain

May 20, 2022
Without a change management and continuity plan, data stored on the blockchain might actually be too secure.

4 takeaways from the 2022 NASCIO Midyear Conference
Digital modernization: a key to every state’s future

May 13, 2022
The 2022 NASCIO Midyear Conference brought IT leaders together for the latest in government IT solutions.

CMMC is coming for higher education: 3 ways to prepare
These federal protocols are designed to strengthen your security posture

March 1, 2022
Higher education organizations need to prepare for federally mandated CMMC cybersecurity regulations.

7 Ways State CISOs Can Go Bold for Cybersecurity

January 26, 2022
Favorable laws and new funding bring state CISOs opportunities to build out their cybersecurity environments.

Selecting your Microsoft partner: Why SHI is the smart choice
6 reasons to partner with SHI in 60 seconds

October 26, 2021
In 60 seconds, watch why roughly 9,000 organizations choose SHI to help them leverage Microsoft technologies.

Something for the Weekend: Neurodiversity and the skills gap
Could hybrid working allow neurodiversity to solve the post-COVID skills shortage?

August 6, 2021
With many organizations struggling to recruit and retain skilled employees, diversity is key to filling the gaps.

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