Want to give customers the best experience? Take an omnichannel approach
Omnichannel customer experiences unlock unified visibility, seamless channel switching, reduced customer frustration, and more.

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We’ve all been there before – you have a problem only a company’s support team can solve, but you’ve been on hold, listening to same generic elevator music for the past thirty minutes. When you finally speak with someone, they ask you basic questions about your account, then pass you on to someone else. And when that second agent picks up the phone, they ask you to confirm the same questions you just answered!

You’re annoyed, your time is wasted, and you probably never want to deal with that company again.

SHI’s omnichannel customer experiences ensure your organization never becomes the business in that scenario. With unified visibility, your agents will have customer information from the get-go, and won’t have to risk asking customers repeat questions. And with seamless channel switching, you can provide consistent support across phone, text, email, chat, and more, letting your customers choose their preferred communication.

Read our solution brief to learn more about how SHI’s omnichannel customer experiences solve what’s next for your customer support.