2024 cybersecurity trends: The impact of AI, automation, and more
SHI’s new ebook shares brand new insight into the new threats organizations face – and how you can protect against them.

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As the digital age continues to expand and evolve, so do the complexities and demands of cybersecurity. The stakes are particularly high for organizations that manage and process substantial amounts of sensitive and valuable data.

The ever-evolving tactics of threat actors, coupled with rapid advancements in technology, present a continually shifting landscape of cybersecurity threats. It’s no longer enough to react to these threats; you need to anticipate, prepare, and develop resiliency strategies.

In SHI’s guide to 2024 cybersecurity trends, our experts partner with industry veterans from Tanium, Rubrik, and more to find solutions for the latest security challenges, including:

  • The game-changing pervasiveness of AI.
  • Global industry consolidation.
  • The rise of automation.
  • Globally divisive national elections.
  • And more.

Download our ebook to gain a comprehensive outlook on the key cybersecurity trends you should anticipate and prepare for in 2024.

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