Maximize the impact of existing tools with a Security Posture Review:
Before adopting the latest cybersecurity trend, make sure you’re making the best use of the people, processes, and tools you already have.

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With distributed workforces, diverse device and application portfolios, and ever-evolving threats from malicious actors, it’s no secret that cybersecurity is more important for your organization than ever. But knowing how and where to start modernizing your security isn’t as obvious.

To start the process of change, you need to know where you stand today. Gaining holistic visibility of your current security posture enables you to pinpoint the vulnerabilities and gaps in your environment. And doing so is easier than you’d think.

Going beyond toolsets

It’s not uncommon for cybersecurity leaders to seek out the most “bleeding-edge,” “next-gen” toolsets they can find. And when every OEM touts their latest product as the answer to today’s threats, can you really blame them? With all the buzzwords and marketing injected into the industry, it’s easy to believe a single tool can solve your security woes.

But, as the saying goes, buying a miter saw doesn’t make you a carpenter.

Though essential components of a successful security program, tools only make up a third of your security posture’s golden triangle (people, processes, and tools). And when it comes to security, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

The simplest and most efficient way to see measurable change is to make better use of the people, processes, and technology you already have.

Our cybersecurity experts are here to help

Managing the people, processes, and tools that make up your cybersecurity landscape is time- and resource-intensive. And most organizations have such a dated and complex system in place that identifying problems and weak points can be too challenging to even attempt.

Luckily, SHI’s Security Posture Review (SPR) is here to simplify the process.

Our SPR is a free assessment designed from the ground up to unlock deep visibility into your entire security landscape. With professional insight from SHI’s cybersecurity experts, our SPR is an essential first step in strengthening your security posture, identifying gaps and areas of consolidation, and spearheading initiatives for NIST and CIST Top 18 controls.

How SHI’s Security Posture Review works

During this brief workshop, SHI will work with your security team to highlight and discuss over 40 security technology solution spaces, including endpoint, system, network, application, compliance, cloud, data, and more.

Once the workshop has concluded, our security experts will evaluate and prioritize:

  • Gaps and blind spots
  • Opportunities for cost-savings and tool consolidation
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Technology modernization and process automation
  • Actionable prioritization matrix and maturity roadmap
  • Cross-platform integrations

You’ll receive a high-level maturity and prioritization diagram as well as a security posture map and worksheet with our observations and recommendations. Our experts help build this into your maturity roadmap, true-up assessment progress, or provide talking points for senior leadership when reviewing the security program.

We know our customers frequently find themselves faced with new challenges in their security program, such as which direction to go, how to determine priorities, which solutions to select, how to go further with less, and how to operationalize management. With our SPR, we help identify actionable answers to these questions.

With growing cyberthreats and economic uncertainty, organizations like yours trust SHI to help maximize the impact of their security resources.

To learn more about how SHI’s Security Posture Review helps you solve what’s next against cyberthreats, contact SHI’s cybersecurity experts today.