Digital experience and automation – How service mesh fits in your IT strategy:
Stratascale Horizon Report

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A service mesh is a simple concept: a layer for service-to-service communication.

The need for better microservice communication continues to grow as monolithic applications are composed of complex, distributed systems.

As service mesh technology has evolved from the hyped-up early days, organizations have begun to realize the promise of a resilient, scalable, and traceable way to deploy modern application architectures.

Companies that have implemented a service mesh are starting to report specific improvements to their IT organization:

  • infrastructure that is easier to manage,
  • faster development of business software, and
  • better visibility into how critical services are performing

This is leading to increased agility for the business overall. Is your organization ready for service mesh? Read this Horizon Report from Stratascale (an SHI company) to find out.

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