Start your secure future the right way with a Security Posture Review:
Evaluate your security stack and create a strategy to acquire or harden vital security tools with SHI’s free security assessments.

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SHI’s Security Posture Review (SPR) and Security Posture Review Lite (SPR Lite) are free assessments designed from the ground up to unlock deep visibility into your entire security landscape. With professional insight from SHI’s cybersecurity experts, our SPR and SPR Lite are essential first steps in strengthening your security posture, identifying gaps and areas of consolidation, and spearheading initiatives for NIST and CIST Top 18 controls.

Whether you’re a large enterprise hoping to optimize your security stack or an organization with limited security resources, our SPR and SPR Lite are here to jumpstart your journey to a secure future.

View our brief data sheets to learn more about how our SPR and SPR Lite assessments can help improve your security posture. If you’re ready to conduct your own SPR or SPR Lite, contact SHI’s cybersecurity experts today.