The impending end of support for SQL 2014: What you need to know today:
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The only thing scarier than a deadline is one that takes you by surprise. While Windows 10’s end-of-support date dominates headlines, a quieter clock is counting down: the impending end of support for SQL 2014 in July 2024. The date is closer than you think. Time ticks differently in the dynamic world of IT upgrades. So set your alarm and set your sights on the SQL server because this repository of your valuable data can’t afford to be slept on.

Why it matters

Your data is what cybercriminals value most. By not upgrading the software and the server that supports it, you might be giftwrapping your most precious information. The harsh reality is that running unsupported software exposes your data to threats, leaving it vulnerable to cybercriminals who prey on platforms lacking the latest security updates. Compounding the risk, insurance claims might be denied if your organization is found using unsupported software, which would call for an uncomfortable conversation with your board of directors.

But the urgency to upgrade isn’t simply about safeguarding your data; it’s also about unlocking an array of new features and capabilities available in modern SQL versions. This includes robust data mining and analysis tools like Power BI, supercharged by AI and Copilot technology. Leveraging these tools can empower your business to decipher internal and external trends, potentially giving you a competitive edge.

But how do you get it exactly? One of three ways.

Let’s explore the options for your SQL 2014 environment, why SHI’s Microsoft experts can uniquely help you beat the clock, and how you’ll be all the better for it.

Option 1: Upgrade to SQL 2022

Upgrading to the latest Microsoft SQL version isn’t just a step toward enhanced security; it’s a leap into a world of cutting-edge tools designed for today’s cloud and hybrid environments. SQL 2022 accommodates both on-premises and cloud data storage, granting you the freedom to choose. It channels the power of Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Purview, which:

  • Enables scalable data and profound business insights.
  • Provides features like SQL Server ledger and blockchain technology to fortify data integrity.
  • Comes with Azure SQL Managed Instance, providing a robust disaster recovery solution for your on-premises IT infrastructure.

For those who are still not ready for the cloud, or who still want to take advantage of their existing hardware investments, this is the quickest path to a quality solution.

Option 2: Move your data to the Azure cloud

Want security that comes with scalability, performance, and unmatched availability? Shifting your data to the Azure cloud might be the path for you. However, this road quickly diverges into several more. Take a look at where they each lead:

  • SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines – Host your SQL Server in Azure while maintaining control over your operating system level access.
  • Azure SQL Managed Database – Get custom and vendor-provided applications at scale (and at your own pace) with an intelligent, fully managed service.
  • Azure SQL Database – Experience a fully managed service that includes serverless compute and Hyperscale storage.
  • Azure SQL Edge – Extend your applications to IoT edge gateways and devices for real-time insights in connected, disconnected, or hybrid environments.

No matter which you choose, Azure’s pay-as-you-go model liberates you from the shackles of hefty hardware investments, allowing you to scale your resources as needed.

Option 3: Extend security updates

While extended security updates are a viable option available for purchase, they should be considered a short-term bridge, not a permanent solution. They predominantly deliver security patches, devoid of feature updates or product support. What’s more, prolonged reliance on these updates might eventually cost you more than a straightforward upgrade to the latest server software would.

Get tailored support through “end of support”

Three viable paths. One ticking clock.

You can’t afford to stay still. We can’t wait to help you move forward.

At SHI, we have a team of almost 400 Microsoft experts who can help you with all your SQL-related needs. Our experts can guide you in selecting the best SQL solution for your business, assist you in licensing it, and help with upgrading or migrating to on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based solutions.

SHI has been partnering with Microsoft for over 30 years and is one of only a handful of Azure Expert MSPs.

We know Microsoft. But more importantly, we know how to help you solve what’s next.