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Dave Siederer

Apple Systems Engineer, Founding Member of SHI’s Mobility Group

Dave Siederer has been a driving force in the Apple world for nearly two decades, having spent six years working for Apple directly and two years providing Mac IT support before joining SHI in 2010 as an Apple Systems Engineer, arriving the same week the iPad was introduced. Since then, Dave founded ZeroTouch, the first fully automated solution to iOS deployment, alongside FirstAID for Apple ID generation, filling many of the gaps enterprises needed to effectively deploy a fully configured iPad to an employee’s hands with no additional setup required. As a founding member of SHI’s Mobility group, Dave is familiar with multiple mobile operating systems and has assisted in multiplatform deployments for Windows, Android, Chrome OS, and more. He currently leads SHI’s technical practice around all things macOS, iOS, management platforms, and Apple.

Recent Content by Dave Siederer

What Apple Silicon means for enterprises, and why it matters

July 16, 2020
Apple is moving its desktops and laptops to its own custom processor architecture. Here's what the switch will impact you and how to prepare.

What is Managed Apple ID and why you should care

May 19, 2020
There are quite a few misconceptions surrounding Managed Apple IDs. Here's what they really are, and why you should be using them.

Adopting macOS in corporate environments: It’s time.

October 1, 2019
Organizations are reluctant to use Mac in corporate environments. Here's why you need to reconsider.

Apple brings the enterprise new levels of security, accessibility, and productivity

June 21, 2019
The days of iOS are gone – for the iPad, that is. Apple officially announced the device would receive its own specialized OS, dubbed (of course) iPadOS.

One for all and all for one: A (role) model for shared-use devices

March 28, 2019
See how devices can switch roles on the fly so you can pass single devices among multiple users.

Apple Business Manager: A welcome upgrade to Apple Device Enrollment Program

January 15, 2019
If you’re an Apple customer, you’ve probably seen the pop-up asking you to upgrade to Apple Business Manager.

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