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From the latest news on end user devices to emerging technologies like VR and AR, learn how to provide effective digital workplace experiences

Make your hybrid meetings produce better results
Cisco Webex makes collaboration work for your organization

September 28, 2021
Cisco Webex helps organizations like yours prepare for the realities of permanent remote work.

5 key takeaways from Microsoft’s fall Surface event

September 27, 2021
Microsoft revealed the latest Surface line up with eight new product updates. Here’s what you need to know.

The great EUC device shortage continues
Prepare for the long haul with SHI's four-step device strategy

September 22, 2021
End-user device shortages continue with no clear end in sight. Be prepared with SHI’s 4-step device strategy.

Free Microsoft Teams Training: Improve productivity in a hybrid world

September 17, 2021
We’re going beyond the basics and taking a deep dive into the practical tools and features of Microsoft Teams.

ICYMI: Catch up on SHI Education Summit 2021 videos
Hear what leading industry experts had to say about next-generation education

September 9, 2021
Hear what a number of leading industry experts and SHI partners had to say about next-generation education.

Cisco’s hybrid workforce in real-time action
Newly added Webex functionality helps ensure productive hybrid meetings for every participant

September 8, 2021
Newly added Webex functionality helps ensure productive hybrid meetings for every participant.

Bridging the physical/digital divide with immersive technologies
Something for the weekend: can technology turn us into superhumans?

September 3, 2021
In this week's Something for the Weekend post, we explore how technology could create superhumans.

Effectively leverage your Emergency Connectivity Funds
Feb. 2022 update: Service delivery date extension

August 30, 2021
The FCC Emergency Connectivity Fund helps educational institutions to upgrade their technology.

4 steps to delivering a modern end-user experience

August 19, 2021
Here are 4 steps IT can take to deliver a modern end-user experience to employees regardless of location.

Something for the Weekend: Neurodiversity and the skills gap
Could hybrid working allow neurodiversity to solve the post-COVID skills shortage?

August 6, 2021
With many organizations struggling to recruit and retain skilled employees, diversity is key to filling the gaps.

The purpose imperative: Business for good

August 4, 2021
Technology can solve our most pressing problems, but we must ensure it remains a driving force for good.

Innovation Heroes: Delivery robots and the path to automation
Season 2, Episode 9

July 27, 2021
Tiny Mile Robotics’ Omar Elawi shares how robotics are changing jobs and the nature of work overall.

Microsoft Inspire Day 3: Understanding what comes next

July 16, 2021
As Microsoft Inspire wraps up, we look at some of the key themes and what they mean for your business.

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