DEX makes it easy to sit back, relax, and resolve end-user issues:
SHI’s digital employee experience service empowers you to proactively resolve the issues plaguing user productivity.

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Traditional IT support is largely reactive in addressing end-user issues. When your organization relies on support teams simply waiting for tickets to hit their inbox, you risk leaving problems unresolved, with user sentiment unmeasured and unactionable.

To proactively resolve the issues stifling your teams’ productivity, often before users even feel any impact, leverage SHI’s digital employee experience (DEX) service.

View our solution brief below to discover how DEX helps you sit back, relax, and resolve with:

  • Automated remediation for common problems
  • Contextual end-user troubleshooting
  • Advanced dashboards for increased visibility
  • Aggregated sentiment data via user surveys
  • And much more