Innovation Heroes: The impact of mixed reality on business:
Season 2, Episode 5

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Fully immersive virtual reality might still seem like a Hollywood dream, but technology leaders are showing that it has real benefits. For real businesses. Today.

In the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, Microsoft’s Director of Mixed Reality Strategic Partnerships Eric Kamont explains how mixed reality (MR) is impacting multiple industries. Kamont not only believes HoloLens and newly-announced MESH have the power to bring about real changes to the way we work; he and his team are making sure this lofty goal will be achieved within our lifetime.

“If technology that someone uses to install a fastener, you know, on a car, is also the same technology that you can take someone with autism and make them much more integrated into the real world and more self-sufficient, I can go home and retire from my job with, like, no weight on my shoulders,” says Kamont.

Listen now to hear what the future of MR is going to be like, and the unexpected industries that it has helped evolve.

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