SHI’s Grants Support Program: Are you ready to achieve accessible care?:
Because healthcare should be equal.

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Over the last 17 years, 124 rural hospitals across the United States have been forced to close their doors due to lack of funding and staff. An additional 453 rural hospitals were considered financially vulnerable and at risk of closing. Creating healthcare equity has become a key initiative for medical professionals and government officials to improve the overall health of rural residents. With the expansion of digital health solutions, residents now can access primary care regardless of location – but where does the funding come from?

Grants Support Program

SHI Healthcare serves small and rural communities by identifying the funding resources needed to achieve their technology goals. We help determine grants that are right for your community while providing complimentary consultative services and helping review grant applications prior to submission.

Our commitment: To help America’s healthcare providers deliver quality care to patients through the delivery of innovative, equitable, and secure technology solutions.

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