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Joshua Dunksy

Senior Director of Strategic Partner Marketing

With over 25 years of experience at SHI, Joshua has a keen eye for IT solutions and OEMs that can make a genuinely positive impact for organizations big and small. As SHI’s Senior Director of Strategic Partner Marketing, Joshua works with our sales, marketing, and engineering teams to align SHI’s goals to the needs of our customers.

Recent content by Joshua Dunksy

3 ways to maximize collaboration tools in a hybrid world
Are you empowering your workforce with digital parity?

April 13, 2022
Now, more than ever, collaboration should be at the core of your organization’s goals and objectives.

3 ways to temper sky-high cloud costs
Rein in your budget with multi-cloud cost optimization

March 31, 2022
Is your organization struggling to manage rising cloud costs? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

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