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Kevin Jean-Louis

Sr. Manager, Mobility Solutions

After graduating Rutgers University, Kevin started at SHI with a goal of helping people around the world understand of how technology can improve peoples’ day to day. Kevin has spent the last 12 years working with vendors and customers, becoming a trusted resource regarding the mobile landscape. When Kevin isn’t working on a new customer proposal, he’s daydreaming of opening his own coffee shop.

Recent Content by Kevin Jean-Louis

Hands off! Why more global organizations are adopting Zero Touch for new starter IT
Ensure new starters are online and productive from hour one, wherever they are

October 3, 2022
Ensuring a new starter is online and productive from hour one directly impacts bottom line profitability.

How public and private sector 5G investment spurs digital inclusion
Investments in connectivity allow for greater possibilities – for all

April 25, 2022
With expertise in the public and private sector, SHI offers comprehensive investment guidance to companies.

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