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Lane Shelton

Vice President of Business Development

Lane Shelton, a seasoned veteran in the tech industry with over 26 years of experience, currently serves as Vice President of Business Development at SHI. His primary responsibility is to simplify the complex and ever-evolving world of Microsoft licensing for customers across the globe.

Lane’s journey with SHI began in 1996, starting as an inside sales representative. Through 2006, he served in various roles such as a global account executive, Director of European Operations, and Director of Strategic Planning. He recently returned to SHI in 2022 to build and lead the Microsoft and Software Advisory Group. He and everyone on his team are passionate about helping SHI’s clients optimize their Microsoft investments.

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Microsoft Copilot expands availability! Here’s 6 tips to get started:
No more minimums, more plans than ever – it’s a pivotal moment for generative AI.

January 15, 2024
With Microsoft Copilot now as accessible as OneDrive or Exchange, it's time to explore generative AI for work.

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