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Lauren Baines

Director of Content

As Director of Content for SHI and managing editor for the Resource Hub, Lauren leads SHI’s content strategy and messaging development for marketing assets, including all of the content on this site. She has written millions of words for SHI and has completely worn out 4.5 letters on her keyboard so far (S, D, F, N, and half of M), but her replacement keyboard continues to sit on the floor next to her desk for another day. Lauren has been with SHI since 2007.

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Recent Content by Lauren Baines

Preparing for an election: How SHI helped 3 state governments get ready for voting season

October 29, 2020
State agencies often come under criticism for relying on outdated or insecure technologies. Here’s how SHI helped three state governments prepare for the 2020 election season.

How this law enforcement agency office got out from under the paperwork and back to the police work

March 18, 2020
Like many law enforcement agencies, this local sheriff’s office was bogged down by paperwork. But instead of continuing to struggle under a growing mound of incident reports, it decided to do something.

Is your public sector organization struggling to finance your dream project? There’s probably a grant for that!

February 20, 2020
Often, public sector organizations are forced to put their dream projects on hold – or scrap them entirely – because they lack proper funding or resources to get the initiative off the ground.

Here’s a better way to procure public sector technology

September 5, 2019
What should a state agency do if it has 7,000 aging end-user devices that need to be replaced?

VR and AR in the classroom: Empowering students through technology

July 10, 2019
For today’s students, virtual reality field trips are a little more immersive.

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