3 proven ways to harness the exciting power of multicloud:
Deploy multicloud with the right skillset, system operability, and cloud governance.

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Whether it’s your cable and internet, home and auto insurance, or fountain soda and fries, a combo can often be the best approach. Why would your IT solutions be any different? Meet multicloud: combining the flavors of multiple cloud and computing services into one architecture. While security, spending, governance, and compliance continue to be the most substantial challenges that any organization can face, the right collaborative cloud-based solution can help you solve them. With multicloud, you can experience modern applications that can work with multiple servers as well as assorted vendors mixing with private cloud infrastructure. While the possibilities may appear as endless as those on a touchscreen fountain soda machine, SHI has three important implementation tactics to get you started.

1)     Emphasize observability

Any organization could stumble into a tangled web of relationships between multiple cloud-native apps, hundreds of services, and thousands of containers—all of which need to be interconnected to integrate and operationalize across your IT landscape.

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However, multicloud weaves a different type of web, one of seamless connection and numerous benefits—if you plan the right way. To realize efficient adoption and usage of apps, services, and containers, you first need to futureproof the multicloud model by unlocking the power of observability at every layer. You’ll be able to:

  • Rapidly migrate apps and improve their performance.
  • Scale resources up or down based on demand.
  • Deliver resources for distributed work initiatives.
  • Drive app modernization strategies.

These effects can in turn improve application performance, governance, and cloud security business resiliency, and even reduce cost. However, properly preparing for the future requires personalized diagnostics. Luckily, SHI’s multicloud experts are prepared to execute a no-cost Readiness Assessment. Our team will not only explain your options but also create the roadmap to make it all happen – the first step toward experiencing a proven cloud-native transformation.

2)     Focus on framework

The choice between managing a single cloud application versus prioritizing multiple cloud providers can raise a few questions:

  • Do you possess the necessary expertise to install multicloud?
  • What follows its deployment?
  • Who will oversee and improve it?

The answers aren’t necessarily simple. A special range of abilities and knowledge will be needed to take advantage of price variation and workload demand. Therefore, a common framework must be put in place by businesses to offer, catalog, and manage services in a multicloud environment. That architecture should also include automated governance procedures that allow enterprises more control over their cloud deployment. Crucially, the complexity of this deployment can be reduced by using a cloud architect or cloud strategist, which SHI is happy to provide.

3)     Prioritize governance and compliance

As you build out your digital infrastructure, consolidate apps, and operationalize your assets and services, the cloud is busy operating in real time. But being this multifaceted can produce some strains, including:

  • The challenges of cloud adoption due to technology, data, and regulatory issues.
  • The physical limitations of infrastructure capacity (especially if you operate across different regions and operate globally).
  • Reduced capability, configuration, and speed across application teams.

With this in mind, the need for oversight and direction becomes even more important to your future cloud-native solution.

Fortunately, effective cloud governance—based on a clear framework—assists organizations in fully leveraging cloud benefits while managing costs, operational risks, and security concerns in a proactive manner.

Regardless of your organization’s age, cloud security and cloud governance remain paramount when undertaking multicloud migration. SHI’s experts can help make sure you’re adhering to these principles. We can make certain that you experience thorough data protection, flexibility, and a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)—all by distributing data and resources across multiple remote locations and data centers globally.

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While digital transformation may depend on where you are in your cloud voyage, few can argue with the merging (and emerging) power of multicloud.

If you’re looking for:

  • Lower long-term costs
  • Improved app performance
  • More reliability
  • Tighter security

Multicloud is the solution for you. Want to learn more? Contact our next-generation infrastructure team today.