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Do you ever go back and watch one of your favorite futuristic movies and think, “Wow, their predictions were spot on”? In Back to the Future Part II, fictional characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown take the infamous DeLorean to travel to the year 2015. There, viewers are introduced to facial recognition, drones, hoverboards, thumbprint payments, and more gadgets and technologies that are eerily similar to those we’ve seen over the last decade or so.

In our lifetimes, we’ve seen some of the biggest technological advances in history – from smart devices to electric cars, voice recognition systems to 3-D printing, augmented reality, and now artificial intelligence. This year’s Dell Technologies World (DTW), which concluded last week in Las Vegas, focused on emerging trends transforming the industry. With four exciting days of visionary keynotes, advanced breakouts, and curated networking opportunities, Dell made it clear they’re ready for the future of technology. And while Steven Spielberg had a pretty good idea of the direction of tech in 1989, DTW revealed some game-changing advancements that are sure to shake up the industry.

Run your IT everywhere

“True multicloud by design requires something easy to say and very hard to do: the freedom to run workloads wherever your business needs, unconstrained by technology,” said Chuck Whitten during his keynote speech at Dell Technologies World 2023.

Growing and maintaining your multicloud infrastructure is the first step to futureproofing your organization. Now, more than ever, there is flexibility in managing workloads and applications. That’s why SHI looks at your infrastructure from the inside out, with multicloud workshops and assessments to help you gain a better understanding of your cloud options.

One of the biggest new solutions announced at DTW was enhancements to APEX, their comprehensive everything-as-a-Service (aaS) and multicloud portfolio, which will now expand access to major public clouds. This includes Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS and Microsoft Azure and Dell APEX File Storage for AWS. With improved management across your public cloud environment, your business can run workloads from anywhere.

Reduce edge complexity

The market for edge computing continues to accelerate across all industries as users look to bring their storage and networking closer to the data source. Deloitte Global predicts that the enterprise market for edge computing will grow 22% in 2023, compared to 4% growth in spending on enterprise networking equipment and 6% on overall enterprise IT for the same year. As customers look for a simpler and more effective edge, Dell has announced NativeEdge to help close that gap.

Dell NativeEdge was created to optimize secure edge deployment. You can now power any edge application from a centralized location all while delivering a consistent experience across the board. With most of the process automated, there is no need to worry about supply chain constraints and it’s easy to integrate into your environment.

Simplify generative AI

Investment in artificial intelligence continues to grow at an astronomical rate. Enterprises are seeing potential in solutions such as ChatGPT, a text-based machine learning model, to increase productivity and accelerate their business. Generative AI utilizes calibrated combinations of data that train the algorithms to produce more thoughtful content. The problem with this solution stems from the ability to support specific workflows in a secure and scalable manner.

Project Helix, an integrated approach to AI created by Dell and NVIDIA, delivers full-stack generative AI solutions built on Dell infrastructures with NVIDIA software. Enterprises are now able to customize purpose-built generative AI on premises, while securing company data in accordance with company regulations.

Expand security solutions with zero trust

Zero trust has become an essential security practice for any company with a digital footprint. When creating a zero trust framework, it’s important to focus on three key areas:

1. Never trust, always verify.

2. Assume a breach.

3. Authenticate and authorize in real time.

As hybrid work initiatives continue to expand, maintaining an effective zero trust model can keep your business safe from potential threats.

At DTW, Dell announced the projected release of Project Fort Zero. This end-to-end zero trust solution will be geared towards global organizations, as an expansion of the existing Dell Zero Trust Center of Excellence. By taking on the implementation of zero trust adoption – while providing a blueprint based on a validated Zero Trust U.S. Department of Defense architecture – organizations will be able to close their IT security gaps.

Make it happen

“Throughout human history, technology innovation has driven human progress.”
–Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO – Dell Technologies

While many expected market conditions to hinder the technology market, worldwide IT spend is projected to total $4.6 trillion in 2023, an increase of 5.5% from 2022, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. With these emerging trends and technologies discussed at Dell Technologies World, it’s obvious that enterprise IT isn’t slowing down. Organizations are looking to invest in new and upgraded solutions –­ multicloud, edge computing, generative AI, and zero trust security – as digital initiatives continue to be a key focus for leaders around the world.

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