E-Rate makes upgrades affordable. How can SHI help you take advantage?:
With E-Rate funding and a trusted partner by your side, you can get the essential networking upgrades you need at a fraction of the normal cost.

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Available to most public schools and libraries in the United States, the E-Rate program offers funding for broadband and networking solutions, with discounts on qualifying equipment and services ranging from 20-90% depending on the recipient organization’s location and level of need.

Utilizing E-Rate funding is a rewarding but complex process. Luckily, SHI Public Sector’s dedicated team of E-Rate experts are here to support you throughout the E-Rate cycle. We make it easy to navigate the funding process and choose from the wide breadth of qualifying networking technologies and services.

Read our brief data sheet to discover how SHI Public Sector can help you maximize E-Rate funding for your public school or library: