How IDCS performs big data center projects quickly and efficiently
A step-by-step guide to unlocking your data center’s true potential with integrated data center solutions from SHI.

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Upgrading your data center is never easy. It can take months to plan, design, configure, test, ship, and install new racks. And unpredictable supply chains can make your whole project stop if just a few parts are on backorder.

But when you leverage SHI’s integrated data center solutions (IDCS), your entire project can be delivered to your door in a matter of weeks.

SHI’s integration centers are equipped to rack and stack hundreds of servers at once. With our help, you can:

  • Provision your data center 3x faster.
  • Reduce build costs by 30%.
  • Decrease “empty cage” costs by 50%.

Read our interactive guide to learn SHI’s step-by-step process for turning your most complex data center projects into your biggest successes.