Your IT operations team can’t wait for you to adopt AIOps. Here’s why
Transform your business with AIOps tools from ScienceLogic and enterprise automation at scale from SHI and Stratascale

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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is a business practice in which IT data is consumed and synthesized from multiple sources in your organization’s infrastructure to provide visibility into your business services. This includes databases, servers, storage, network, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cloud services, and applications. The tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to analyze incoming data streams and extract information that will help your operations team provide effective and efficient service via features such as automated remediation, relevant results, and event correlation from disparate sources to expedite resolution.

All of this grants your IT staff the opportunity to be more proactive and innovative in managing your business. In other words, AIOps enables your team to focus on more complex tasks and operations instead of reacting to issues.

Why is AIOps important to your business?

At SHI and Stratascale, we believe that digital agility is key for our customers to survive in this fast-paced world. And an AIOps practice is a key component of maintaining the performance and availability of the services you need to keep your business healthy, while simultaneously managing and even reducing operational costs. SHI has partnered with ScienceLogic in our AIOps practice to bring the best of the best solutions in this space to our customers.

ScienceLogic allows you to see all the components of your infrastructure, contextualize them into business services, and act on this information.

What benefits do customers realize?

While AIOps is a relatively new practice area, many organizations are already realizing the value of implementing an AIOps practice. These benefits include:

  • Observable business metrics. By capturing critical data from all the applications that make up your business’ key services, you’re able to readily report on what is important to your business.
  • Proactive incident prevention. One of the key benefits of AIOps is the ability to predict issues before they become critical and marshal the resources to correct them before you suffer a costly outage.
  • Reduced mean time to recover (MTTR). Having the right people, systems, and data in place will help you reduce your mean time to repair and get your business back online after a critical event.
  • Improved performance and availability. Businesses that have implemented an AIOps practice realize performance and availability improvements because of the proactive and automated nature of addressing issues and the reduced MTTR.
  • Reduced costs. In addition to reducing outage costs, having a mature AIOps practice can help reduce your overall operational spend by making your team more efficient. A recent OpsRamp survey of enterprise IT executives showed 73% of IT teams have already extracted relevant data insights as a result of their AIOps investment.

The challenges of AIOps adoption

In the same OpsRamp survey, nearly a third of surveyed executives admitted that “complexity” and “technology limitations” are holding their organizations back from using AIOps tools. Many factors can stall out a promising AIOps practice, including:

  • Interoperability. Enterprises operate complex IT infrastructures, and integration into this cacophony of systems and dependencies is a taxing prospect.
  • Extendibility. The intricacy of modern environments requires any real automation to be flexible enough to support customization.
  • Culture. A successful AIOps implementation requires a significant shift in mindset from reactive and investigative problem solving to predictive and preventative approaches.
  • Data from quality, disparate sources. Data is the key component that drives any AI/ML model, and identifying the right data sources and messages requires expertise and effort in multi-cloud, multi-platform IT environments.
  • Realization of value. Money drives business decisions. While the benefits of an AIOps practice are largely soft – and therefore arguable – we should be careful not to discount tangible labor and efficiencies savings.

Why SHI and ScienceLogic?

Our partnership brings best-in-class AIOps tooling from ScienceLogic, combined with enterprise automation at scale expertise from SHI and Stratascale. This combination offers a quality AIOps implementation experience that can deliver your business outcomes as a service. Our affiliation also helps speed implementation of this joint solution, and offers a slew of benefits for organizations like yours, including:

  • Custom-built snippet actions with Python. The ScienceLogic open-source automation platform enables you to easily remedy unhealthy events via scripted actions.
  • Extensive inbound alerts and alarms. This “manager of managers” system is set up to share updates from directly monitored devices and third-party sources in the form of traps, emails, and REST API connections.
  • Powerful monitoring capability. By ingesting data from many disparate sources, this AIOps offering can identify red flags quickly and isolate suspicious activity.
  • Integration with your existing applications and services. Pre-built connections with over 500 technologies are readily available, including ServiceNow, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and SQL, Google Cloud, and Oracle.

ScienceLogic’s technology also provides context between infrastructure, application, and business services relationships, along with event correlation services.

SHI’s team of automation experts are battle-hardened veterans from large enterprises, so we understand the challenges of implementing new technologies into large businesses. We take solutions like ScienceLogic and help our customers implement them without the high costs, prolonged timelines, and operational disruptions that are normally associated with transformational projects, like implementing an AIOps practice.

Putting the plan into action

SHI will provide you with unlimited potential of what’s possible for your AIOps practice through automation. Ready to reduce operational overhead, create effective resource utilization, and drive continuous improvement? Call us today to learn how we can help your organization implement top tier AIOps tools coupled with the best in automation at scale.