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Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Democratizing the Cloud with Google's Omar Dajani" S:2, E:3

Our latest podcast guest reflects on what open source and increased access to cloud means for businesses.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: “Vaccines were just the beginning” S:2 E:2

Intel’s Stacey Shulman talks AI healthcare revolution with host Peter Bean.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Beyond the virtual happy hour" S:2, E:1

Listen to Season 2, Episode 1 now to explore how to maintain culture in a remote working world.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Virtual Events” S:1, E:6

In the season 1 finale of Innovation Heroes, Ben Chodor of Intrado Digital Media joins Peter Bean to discuss how organizations can deliver an engaging, interactive customer experience during virtual events.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Jaron Lanier and The Social Dilemma” S:1, E:5

Should we be worried about enterprise software taking over our lives? How can we build a better, healthier digital world? The latest episode of SHI’s Innovation Heroes podcast featuring renowned futurist Jaron Lanier explores.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "The Long Awaited Death of Cubicles” S:1, E:4

Has the rapid shift to remote working brought on the end of the cubicle, or was it just the much-needed kick in the ribs we needed to reinvent and reimagine the legacy office?

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Cisco's COVID-19 Response” S:1, E:3

Cisco's Michelle Chiantera and SHI's Peter Bean discuss how some of the world’s largest tech makers are responding to COVID-19 and what IT leaders can do to follow suit.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "Hotels of the Future” S:1, E:2

Peter Bean and Stacey Shulman, Vice President at Intel IoT, discuss the changes the tourism industry is making to keep guests safe.

Innovation Heroes Podcast: "The No Ivy League” S:1, E:1

On the first episode of Innovation Heroes, host Peter Bean chats with Nina Angelo, VP of Product Marketing at Top Hat, about the future of higher education and how institutions can support change in a drastically disrupted world.

Welcome to Innovation Heroes: An SHI podcast

How do colleges and universities plan to keep students connected without a physical campus? Will the first digital hotel revolutionize the industry?