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Technology that’s impacting efficiencies:
Watch and learn from one of SHI's proven Microsoft experts.

July 16, 2019
SHI’s Kyle Timm discusses technology in the marketplace that is impacting efficiencies of a cloud environment.

AI in the enterprise: How servers, storage, and networking are getting smarter:
Today's technology is more efficient, intuitive, and time-saving for users

July 2, 2019
Here’s a look at how AI and consumption models are working their way further into servers, storage, and networking.

Here’s how organizations are commercializing artificial intelligence

June 13, 2019
The continued evolution of artificial intelligence and related technologies is bringing new dimensions of computational functionality and value to business users.

How to manage data growth: 4 ways to save your storage:
We’re storing more and more data every day, with no signs of slowing down

June 11, 2019
From the traditional data center design to one with a cloud twist, here's how to improve data storage.

Inspiring diversity in tech with Microsoft’s DigiGirlz

May 21, 2019
Experiencing mixed reality with the Hololens was just one of the activities at Microsoft’s DigiGirlz event.

How Google Cloud Anthos is breaking the multi-cloud barrier:
Here is a look at the biggest takeaways

April 23, 2019
Anthos stole the show at Google Cloud Next 2019, but GKE On-Prem wasn't far behind.

Data backup strategy: Putting a copy of your company’s backup data in the cloud

March 26, 2019
We're here to show you how to make backups more efficient and what you should be doing to improve the process.

Your ridiculously helpful IT solutions provider

March 19, 2019
SHI’s vast partner network and breadth of ridiculously helpful experts makes us the IT solutions provider of choice.

Adobe Acrobat DC prices are rising. Here’s what you need to know.:
You have several options and we can help

February 5, 2019
For years, Adobe Acrobat DC customers have benefited from new features and hundreds of updates.

The ISO 19770-1 standard: A guide to implementing IT asset management

January 30, 2018
The ISO 19770-1 technology asset management standards provide best-practice guidelines for ITAM, establishing policies that organizations need to gain insight into which technology supports their overall IT strategy, reduces costs, and supports productivity.

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