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We Got Your Mac

Welcome to We Got Your Mac, a podcast from SHI International.

If you’re an enterprise executive or business leader trying to decide if Mac adoption at scale is right for your organization, this is the show for you.

Each episode, we team up with SHI experts, IT leaders and specialists from the world of Apple and Mac to dive into dive into what it means to adopt the Mac platform across the enterprise. We’ll help you identify how to progress your Mac journey quickly and with the minimum disruption to your users and IT teams.

Recent Content by We Got Your Mac

The price is right: Does the cost of Mac in the workplace add up?
When considering deploying Mac at scale in an organization, the first question asked usually echoes across every department: Is it worth the cost?

October 3, 2023
David Gruver, Field CTO at SHI, is back to share his insight into building a business case for rolling out Mac at scale based on strong metrics and a deep understanding of the total cost of ownership.

Setting the stage: Exploring Mac deployment at scale
Scaling Mac across your organization isn’t just about technology. It’s about the business transformation that the technology can drive.

September 19, 2023
Jess Craver joins hosts Kevin English and Victoria Barber on the first episode of We Got Your Mac. This episode unpacks major considerations in the decision-making and roll-out processes.

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