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The purpose imperative: Business for good

August 4, 2021
Technology can solve our most pressing problems, but we must ensure it remains a driving force for good.

Choosing the right Microsoft partner for your business

August 2, 2021
Here’s a quick checklist of seven important considerations when looking for your next Microsoft partner.

Microsoft’s Open Licensing Program transition could save you money

July 29, 2021
See how Microsoft’s simplified approach to licensing could save small- and mid-sized customers money with CSP.

How to design agile and secure multi-tenant as-a-service data centers

July 22, 2021
Learn how cloud-like infrastructure in a physical data center can drive business agility and reduce risk.

Avoid the SAP indirect access bill you didn’t know you had

July 21, 2021
Three actions you can take immediately to reduce SAP spend and stay out of licensing trouble.

Actions you should start taking now to prepare for Windows 11

July 19, 2021
Here are six actions you can take now to prepare for Windows 11, even if you don’t have an immediate plan.

Microsoft Inspire Day 3: Understanding what comes next

July 16, 2021
As Microsoft Inspire wraps up, we look at some of the key themes and what they mean for your business.

Digital Detox this Summer? You really should!

July 16, 2021
Leaders from across the SHI business share why it's not only okay to disconnect this summer, it's vital.

Microsoft Inspire Day 2: Here’s what we’re excited about

July 15, 2021
The party hasn’t stopped here, as SHI is committed to bringing you all the goodness from Inspire, Day 2!

Microsoft Inspire 2021 Kicks Off: Day 1 Summary

July 14, 2021
Microsoft’s most important partner event of the year, Inspire 2021, gets underway in a virtual setting

SHI International wins multiple Microsoft awards

July 14, 2021
See how SHI’s leadership in modern end-user computing earned it two prestigious Microsoft partner awards.

How to create an effective data center transformation strategy

July 12, 2021
Use these pointers to help you start developing an effective data center transformation strategy.

Could technology drive a pink-collar resurgence?

July 9, 2021
Can technology developments to support remote work during the pandemic improve gender equality as we return to the office?

Are we sacrificing security at the altar of simplicity?

July 7, 2021
When it comes to data security, do you care more about your personal data or your corporate data?

Extend computer hardware life by adopting a modern desktop

July 6, 2021
Learn how adopting a modern desktop can extend hardware life while still providing a modern device experience.

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