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Digital employee experience: What is it and why does it matter?

May 25, 2023
The ideal digital employee experience needs to foster an engaging, productive, and inclusive workplace.

An SHI guide: How to successfully join the metaverse in 7 easy steps

May 22, 2023
Early metaverse adopters will enjoy a distinct advantage over competitors. Get started in just seven steps.

Gain a competitive edge: Updates to Microsoft 365 trainings and certifications

May 19, 2023
Get certified and build your skills with the new Microsoft 365 training and certification offerings.

Is your information safe? Secrets of effective data protection, backup, and recovery

May 17, 2023
Safeguarding public sector data is a critical task that, unfortunately, is more complicated than you think.

How smart IT management helps you create a long-term EUC strategy

May 12, 2023
How can you stop endless tail-chasing and start futureproofing your EUC management? SHI’s experts weigh in.

From AI to hybrid experiences: SHI’s experts analyze the emerging tech disrupting 2023 and beyond

May 5, 2023
SHI’s experts are dropping their takeaways on future tech developments to get you ready for the new frontier.

5 challenges of working in the metaverse, from counterfeiting to safety concerns

May 3, 2023
Before achieving success in the metaverse, businesses must first tackle these challenges.

Expert advice: The shift in procurement and how to create the right strategy

April 26, 2023
SHI’s procurement assessment helps you create the right strategy for seamless purchasing within budget.

Avoid the SAP indirect access bill you didn’t know you had

April 24, 2023
Three actions you can take immediately to reduce SAP spend and stay out of licensing trouble.

3 top trends to look out for in digital health technologies

April 21, 2023
Discover the top trends driving healthcare innovation to be on the lookout for in 2023 and beyond.

Put your technology to the test: Steps for achieving a successful pilot program

April 19, 2023
Discover how a pilot can unlock potential, put innovation to work, and future-proof your organization.

How the metaverse can transform your business for the better

April 17, 2023
The metaverse can be a game-changer for your organization — but only if you properly prepare.

How to cut energy costs and optimize your servers with sustainable solutions

April 14, 2023
Practicing effective sustainability doesn’t have to mean practicing a less profitable business.

The importance of modernizing old technology — and how to do it

April 12, 2023
Outdated IT infrastructure in the public sector continues to create security risks and stifle innovation.

SHI Connect: Optimize your networking and drive business growth with visible results

April 10, 2023
A managed network and security solution that enables you to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth.
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