6 best practices to manage technical debt for a better digital employee experience
SHI, Lenovo, and Intel vPro® solutions can help you solve what’s next

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The modern workplace is constantly evolving, and employees need to stay connected from anywhere – a conference room at the office, a remote meeting at home, or an airport coffee shop awaiting a flight.

To keep up, technology is expected to be more agile and adaptable than ever before, while staying in budget. You need an unrivaled business PC solution that meets the future of work while solving today’s challenges.

Discover how to get the best value and performance for your technology investment, combining innovation with effective cost management. In this ebook, you will:

  • Explore six best practices to manage and reduce IT costs.
  • Learn how modern devices enhance your digital employee experience.
  • Assess how Windows 10 end of support affects your organization’s security, productivity, and bottom line.
  • See how SHI, Lenovo, and Intel vPro® solutions can ease your IT journey.

You can create a modern workplace that’s productive, collaborative, sustainable, and cost-efficient, but strategy is key. From planning your Windows 11 refresh to exploring scalable solutions, SHI experts can assess your environment and craft a customized approach to enhance your employee experience while minimizing costs.


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