Decision intelligence in a world of endless predictions

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Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, organizations are literally awash in data. They’ve invested massive resources in building the algorithms and massaging the data sets – but are they asking the right questions? And getting the right answers?

In this Horizon Report from Stratascale (an SHI company), we examine the emerging field of data intelligence, and how business leaders are increasingly challenged to leverage AI and ML to improve their decisionmaking competencies – and improve their market competitiveness.

DI is an entirely new field of computer science that integrates existing tools like AI, human expertise, as well as disciplines like behavioral economics, to help answer questions in a simple business context: “If I take this particular decision, what impact will it have?”

It’s part science, part art, and entirely critical to ensuring investments in AI don’t fail, and the right decisions are made, for the right reasons, based on the right data.

Click to read Stratascale Horizon Report #17 – Data Intelligence (Vol. 5) – Decision Intelligence in a World of Endless Predictions