Device Activation services customized for you
The choice is yours.

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Whether it’s a global rollout or a customized project, we work closely with your preferred carriers and offer two ways to ensure a smooth activation process.

Option 1

Ideal for large deployments or rollouts that include multiple locations!

Your devices. Our configuration center. The full activation service.

  • Before device delivery to our Knox configuration center, we assemble a plan based on the scope of your project.
  • Once the devices are received, our configuration team will scan the devices in, collect the appropriate device identification (IMEI and ICCID numbers), and send the information to our activations team.
  • Our activations team is added on your cell carrier portal to activate, deactivate, suspend, and help monitor services for a specified time or rollout.

Option 2

Device delivery to your location, our “over the air” activation service.

  • Similar to the first option, our activations team works directly with your carrier and our configuration team to communicate the IMEI and ICCID numbers for a streamlined activation on your behalf. Devices do not need to enter SHI’s integration/configuration center.

To learn more or get started, reach out to your SHI Account Executive today.